Afruturist Podcast Season One, The Diary of The Hub Manager — Malawi, Vincent Kumwenda.

Let’s Talk Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and The Future of Africa.

Jumanne Rajabu Mtambalike
2 min readAug 15, 2021


This is the Season One of the Afruturist Podcast, The Diary of The Hub Manager. I’m discussing with movers and shakers of African innovation and technology entrepreneurship. This is a conversation with Vincent Kumwenda, CEO of mHub Malawi.

Vincent Kumwenda — CEO mHub Malawi

Vincent Kumwenda is among the Champions in building the Malawian innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. He cofounded mHub Malawi, Malawi’s most reputable innovation, technology and entrepreneurship hub targeting youths. He has been actively involved in using innovation and technology to address challenges facing communities in Malawi.

We reflected on ways and strategies to build grassroots innovation ecosystems in Africa. How can we strengthen innovation beyond urban areas targeting grassroots ecosystems? Vincent shared the experience of how hubs in Africa can be a source of innovative solutions to address the most complex issues facing African communities today. mHub has created different solutions for Civic Engagement in Malawi and has exported some of their solutions beyond Malawian borders.

We talked about how mHub is addressing the funding gaps in the local startup ecosystem. He shared his experience in designing fund mechanisms that work for local businesses.

This episode provides an overview of what it takes to operate in an emerging startup ecosystem.

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