Afruturist Podcast Season One, The Diary of The Hub Manager — Nigeria, Michael Oluwagbemi

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This is the Season One of the Afruturist Podcast, The Diary of The Hub Manager. I’m discussing with movers and shakers of African innovation and technology entrepreneurship. This is a conversation with Michael Oluwagbemi, Cofounder and Executive Partner, LoftyInc Allied Partners.

Michael Oluwagbemi — Cofounder and Executive Partner, LoftyInc Allied Partners

Michael is among the earliest pioneers of the African Innovation Ecosystem, playing a crucial role in building Africa’s largest network of innovation and technology hubs, AfriLabs. He has contributed massively to building Nigeria’s startup ecosystem through LoftyInc Allied Partners, an umbrella company for Wennovation Hub and LoftyInc Capital Management. Michael also operates as an Angel Investor, unlocking capital challenges for African startups.

We reflected with Michael about the Nigerian innovation and technology entrepreneurship ecosystem. We talked about the recent success of Nigerian startups. We talked about building LoftyInc, lessons learned along the way and what it takes to be an Angel Investor in Africa. We discussed the urban startup ecosystem in Nigeria and the efforts to support other cities outside Lagos, Ibadan and Abuja. It was also a great opportunity to talk about the role of government, academic institutions and development partners in supporting local startup ecosystems in Africa. Michael carries tones of wisdom about startups in Africa.

This episode provides an overview of what it takes to operate in one of the successful African startup ecosystems.

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