Afruturist Podcast Season One, The Diary of The Hub Manager — Somalia, Awil Osman

Let’s Talk Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and The Future of Africa.

Have you ever wondered what is happening in Somalia’s startup ecosystem? This is the Season One of the Afruturist Podcast, The Diary of The Hub Manager. I’m discussing with movers and shakers of African innovation and technology entrepreneurship. This is a conversation with Awil Osman, CEO of Silicon Horn, Somalia.

Awil Osman — CEO Silicon Horn Somalia

Awil Osman is among the most active players in Somalia’s emerging innovation and technology entrepreneurship ecosystem. Motivated by what was happening in Nairobi, Kenya, Awil kickstarted his career working with different startups in both Kenya and Somalia. The former CEO of iRise Hub is currently on a mission to address the funding gap in Somalia’s Startup Ecosystem by working with different ecosystem partners through his new venture, Silicon Horn.

I had a great conversation with Awil about Somalia’s Startup Ecosystem. The role of events and meetups in building strong entrepreneurial communities. Who is “Who” in Somalia’s Startup Ecosystem, and what is next for this amazing emerging startup ecosystem? He shared stories of entrepreneurs and support organizations working in the ecosystem. What is already there and what is missing.

We also reflected on the role of the Somalia government in supporting innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in the country for youths prosperity; the ongoing efforts to fix legal and regulatory environment for Startups in the country, and the role played by academic institutions such as the Institute of Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (IITE) Somalia.

We also reflected on development financing and the efforts to fund grassroots innovators and entrepreneurs in the country.

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