Afruturist Podcast Season One, The Diary of The Hub Manager — Zambia, Mara Michelo

Let’s Talk Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and The Future of Africa.

Part Two of Season One of the Afruturist Podcast, The Diary of The Hub Manager — a conversation with movers and shakers of African innovation and technology entrepreneurship with Mara Michelo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jacaranda Hub, Zambia.

Mara Michelo — Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jacaranda Hub.

In this episode of the Afruturist Podcast, I caught up with Mara, reflecting on Zambia’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship ecosystem. Zambia startup ecosystem is one of the oldest ecosystems, with some of the earliest players in the African ecosystem, such as BongoHive. Mara is actively engaged in building the ecosystem through strategic collaboration with different players through Jacaranda Hub. She works closely with the Zambian government to establish subnational solid innovation ecosystems capitalizing on existing public infrastructure.

We reflect with Mara about the different roles hubs can play in Africa, the importance of engaging with the government and what is next. We reflected on the role of women champions in the ecosystem and her plan to expand Jacarand services to grassroots youths through government partnerships.

Mara shared a lot of wisdom with entrepreneurs and innovators operating in the African ecosystem.

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