Most of the time is difficult to get it right when you do something for the first time. We usually worry too much that we are going to fail than taking our chances to try. All you have to do is DO. Doing is the best way of learning. You just have to learn faster and create constant iterative learning circles. Most of us we claim to learn from our mistakes but most of the times we fall into the same mistakes all over again just because we don’t measure our progress.

Learning-by-doing is a concept in economic theory by which productivity is achieved through practice, self-perfection and minor innovations — Wikipedia

Measuring progress is key, it is very easy to assume you are progressing just because your passionate about what you do. The simple reality check might help you to move from point A to point B even choose another route sometimes. It is very easy to be obsessed with a certain way of doing thing just because you think its cool or just because everyone is doing it.

Sometimes as a startup founder or employee of a certain big brand you are fooling yourself that you are growing but in real sense you are not growing you just love what you do and deep down inside you, you know you are wasting your time.

The first step to measure your progress is taken at the goal setting stage. When setting a goal, you must set a goal that can actually be measured.

Doing — Learning — Measuring is not a simple process, it requires a lot of personal reflections and sometimes documenting your progress. You can start simply by checking; What is that you doing? What if you do it differently? What is so special about it? and if you are really progressing by doing it. Sometimes we do things just because everyone wants us to do it or just because you think its cool to do it. You are not everyone you are YOU and if you real want to progress you have got to measure your progress. If you want to move sometimes you got to drop the luggage. The luggage can be your co-founder, the boss you appreciate, the girlfriend you love or the parent who is obsessed with your current job.

Time is very valuable to be invested on something which is not working.


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