Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Spiritual Quotient (SQ). The power of self realization.

Jumanne Rajabu Mtambalike
3 min readMar 4, 2017


While you see in TV series such as Scorpion everyone is obsessed with IQ or reading articles about Einstein’s IQ of 160 and all of a suddenly everyone wants to have a higher IQ. The question is, does the IQ guarantees you to be successful in your business or life in general?

There is a lot more in a human being than just the Intelligent Quotient (IQ). The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is just the measure of intelligence and it is independent on self-assessed levels of happiness. Do you still remember those smart guys we had in class? They usually score great marks but start to fail soon as they start to date a beautiful girl or when they suffer broken heart.

Managing emotions is more important than managing your intellect. Research done by tracking over 160 high performing individuals from different industries and job levels shows, emotional intelligence was two times more important in contributing to excellence than intellect and expertise alone.

It is not the question of strategy that getting us into trouble it is the question of emotions — John Kotter. How you manage relationship is key and most businesses are dying not because they lack strategy but they lack good business relationships.

Emotional intelligence is all about having control on how you react after an incidence. The 90/10 principle says, 10 percent of life is made up by what happens to us and 90 percent of it is decided by how you react. We don’t have control of the 10 percent but we have control of the 90 percent. You decide what to do when; you lost an important deal, break up with your loved one, crazy guy knock your car or even working with a client who doesn’t appreciate your work. The 90 percent is the most important is what comprises the emotional intelligence. One wrong reaction can cause a chain reaction of bad incidences. For example; The guy knocks your car, you stood up and fight, the policeman shows up, you got arrested, the guy died and you realized to fix the car was just 100 dollars. You didn’t have control of the incidence but you could have decided on how you react.

How you manage relationship is key and most businesses are dying not because they lack strategy but they lack good business relationship

But there is more than that, the intelligence needed for you to ask the most critical questions is what you need. Why should I react this way? Is it necessary to get in a fight? What am I going to get out of it? The intelligence required to ask most fundamental and basic questions in life and seek answers is called Spiritual Intelligence or Spiritual Quotient (SQ).

Actually what composes intelligence is the 3 Q’s; The Intelligent Quotient (IQ), The Emotional Quotient (EQ) and The Spiritual Quotient (SQ). Intelligence can simply be defined as; doing the right thing, at the right time, at the right place. This requires us to be able to manage both our internal environment (us) and external Environment (what surrounds us). It is more than just knowing things.

The personality of the human being is guided by the 3 needs; the need of body (eating, sleeping, mating and defending), the need of mind (seeking positive relationship and reject negative ones) and the need of intellect (seeking knowledge). We have to understand when unregulated one of this personality within ourselves will enjoy for the cost of others. The power to control the three is called intelligence, Spiritual Quotient (SQ)


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