In a consulting world, the first person to get the information control the cards. It is the fine line between having business or not. Staying informed is an art and this is how to master the art.

Photo Courtesy | Giulia May — Unsplash

10 years ago when I was doing my undergraduate program my friends used to call me “Senator”. I was the President of the student's organization and I had information on everything happening in our community. I was able to anticipate things before they happen and plan ahead. My most memorable achievement was when I was able to win an election of 600 people while having only 12 people on my side. That is a story for another day. Over time I have been practicing this great skill of “Staying Informed” and teach it to my colleagues and team member. This is how you do it.

Create Trust Through Support

Listen, take your time to say no.

Screen for wastes and traps

Network, always show up

Build Allies and Track Your Enemies

Share and seek information

Let me end here today. Enjoy the process. Please don’t try this at home lol

Entrepreneur, TZ Patriot, Loves Tech, Founder, Project Management Consulting firm, Co-Founded and Sahara Accelerator.

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