We Have Reached The Age of Augmented Intelligence. Are You Prepared?

I have written a document that usually takes between three to four days to produce in just three hours, thanks to ChatGPT. What next can I do?

Jumanne Rajabu Mtambalike
3 min readMar 12, 2023

I heard the concept of Augmented Intelligence for the first time from the former CEO of IBM, Ginni Rometty. She defined Augmented Intelligence as the ability of people to work side by side with machines to enhance human Intelligence and capabilities. Ginni believes Augmented Intelligence is not replacing human workers but augmenting and improving their decision-making processes and overall job performance. While true, it is only valid for those with the skills to work and engage with AI. There is a fear that many jobs will be lost as a tool such as ChatGPT becomes more imaginative, and users become more advanced in their adoption and usage skills.

What if We Can Work Side by Side With Machines?

This Image of a Robot Composing Music Was Auto-generated By Fotor.Com After Me Sharing My Idea of a Picture in Less Than 30 Seconds

What If We Could Work Side By Side With Machines?

In the past few weeks, I have used ChatGPT to write a project proposal worth 2.6 Million USD, composed a birthday poem for my daughter, composed a love poem for a friend, debugged errors in friends' codes and structured academic references in Harvard Style. I have done this far away better and faster than I used to do without the tool.

ChatGPT has allowed me to adopt several AI-efficient tools besides what I have been using. You can argue that technology is crippling us, but we live in an age whereby our time is valuable. Any tool that frees up my time to allow me to spend more time with family and become more efficient is a gold mine.

I Asked ChatGPT to write the two paragraphs above more professionally with facts and Evidence; The Response.

The use of AI-powered tools in daily tasks and activities has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. These tools have proven effective in enhancing productivity and efficiency, allowing individuals to complete tasks faster and more accurately.

One prime example of the benefits of AI-powered tools is the case of a user who utilized ChatGPT to complete a project proposal worth 2.6 Million USD, compose various poems, debug code errors, and academic structure references. With these tools' aid, the user could complete these tasks far more efficiently and effectively than they would have been without them.

Moreover, numerous AI-powered tools have been developed and utilized across various industries to improve productivity and efficiency. For instance, businesses have utilized AI-powered tools to automate customer service, monitor inventory levels, and perform predictive analytics to make better decisions. In healthcare, AI-powered tools have been used to diagnose diseases and assist in surgery, among other applications.

Despite concerns that AI technology could lead to job displacement and other negative consequences, it is undeniable that AI has brought about significant benefits to individuals and society as a whole; in a world where time is a valuable commodity, tools that allow us to work more efficiently and effectively are highly prized. Therefore, it is prudent to embrace AI technology's opportunities and take advantage of the numerous AI-powered tools available.


My humble opinion is to not compete with the headwind. AI is taking over brace for impact, and it’s hit'sning.



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