Wrapping Up 2021, From The Sahara Ventures CEO’s Desk, The Pains and Accolades.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t come with a manual; we learn as we grow. Entrepreneurship is like a long-distance relationship; you don’t know what to expect, you need to trust the process and your partner. Some occasional pictures of you smiling in front of a camera will do the job. Boom!!! You become a motivational speaker, everyone believing your business is booming while in a real sense the person who needs motivation is you.

For an African kid coming from an extended family with limited opportunities to excel, every little success is a success. Life has given me an “allowance”; it has allowed me to work hard and dream. It has allowed me to become who I am, and I’m grateful for that. I always stand in the mirror and ask myself whether this is it or I can do more. If I connect the dot from behind, what we have achieved with Sahara Ventures is spiritual; nothing was supposed to be the way it is. Make no mistakes; people put in some work. All the fans and nemeses we have collected along the way are because of our sheer passion for changing our personal, family, and social situations.

Sahara Sparks 2021 | Future Reimagined

It’s like a Deja Vu; all the obstacles we faced during our childhood are coming back, and this time, no mom or dad to fix the problems for you. It’s all us. We were born fixers; that’s the main difference between the “followers” and us. We were forged by street wisdom, exposure, faith and professionalism. We are thankful, we have crossed the other side of the pandemic as a company and team. Unfortunately, we lost a few Saharans along the way, but we cherish their path. We are sure they have moved to better places because Sahara Ventures is a funnel that forges the best steel, and only an intense flame can make fine steel. They are ready for the new challenges, and We wish them the best of luck. 2021, I lost some heroes. The biggest one is a man that allowed every young Tanzania to dream about building a fintech company, lala ngoxolo, Benno, a true son of Africa.

We have managed to reimagine the future. Desperate times require desperate measures hence pushing us to massive business process reengineering. We were paranoid enough to survive, recover and start to grow again. Thanks to our partners, friends, family and clients. Our mission is prominent than us. Our customer manifesto is simple; listen, act, and act better. Our family and friends manifesto is even better; trust, love and love more.

Some of Our Engagements in 2021

We are looking forward to serving you better. Our goal is to help you create more innovations, address complex community challenges, develop new skills, adopt new technologies, raise more capital and build great businesses. Our mission is to make an environment for you to excel to change your life and ours. We grow up in the hood; we have got your back as long as you have got ours. We don’t believe in competition; we survive in strategic partnerships. Equipped with an abundance mentality, we believe in stretching the table longer instead of building tall walls. Once the dinner is served, everyone should enjoy their fair share.

The future is exciting as our Accelerator has moved to a full-fledge growth stage and digital, signing strategic partnerships with investment firms to serve our entrepreneurs and our consulting firm, moving completely digital capitalising on our expert’s database. We are also excited about our moonshot projects with different partners to be announced next year. We are not going anywhere anytime soon, and we are here to stay and do better, creating opportunities for dreamers in Africa.

If in 2021 we made you reimagine your future, in 2022, we are going to unleash your potential. We dream of 10X growth of your business or organisation by partnering with us; 10X customers, 10X capital and 10X impact. We will help you adopt relevant tools and resources to achieve that goal.

Sahara Sparks 2022 Theme “Potential Unleashed” Launched in Partnership With UNDP (Funguo) and COSTECH.

We are Saharans; we build Africa's innovation and technology entrepreneurship ecosystem. We are the present and the future, and we are what your business is missing to realize her dream.

Happy Holidays, Looking Forward Working With You Next Year



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Jumanne Rajabu Mtambalike

Jumanne Rajabu Mtambalike

Entrepreneur, TZ Patriot, Loves Tech, Founder saharaventures.com, Project Management Consulting firm, Co-Founded saharasparks.com and Sahara Accelerator.